Red Room  

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Red Room 

by Go-Go Dance Arts 

Training and Performance Revue


Vararity of Dancers or full Cabaret shows and entertainmenst  !

We will dress per your theme request, for example: Burlesque, Club Dance, Belly Dance, Cabaret Dance, Folkloric, Bikini dancers, Samba and etc, packages starts at $45.00 and we have special rates for venues

Package 1. One Go-Go dancers, per theme request

Package 2. Two Go-Go dancers. pert theme request

Package 3. Any above plus a Burlesque or Belly Dancer

Package 4. Any above plus a musician makes a complete cabaret show for your event

Go-Go Dance Arts Training Services, mobile or at our location in Murrieta:

- Pole, Burlesque, Lyra, Go-Go's and Belly dance parties or book a class up to 2 hours!

- Bachelorette, bridal day,  b-day Pole, Lyra, Burlesque or combo dance class party, super cool!

- Professional Go-Go's, Burlesque & Belly  Dancers for events (a nice addition to the party, up to 4 hours!)

- Private dance or choreography  for your special events (Pole, Burlesque, Go-Go and Lyra dance styles)

- Cabaret, Dance and Music Shows mobile for Riverside, San Berbardino and San Diego Counties

- Weekly promo group day Wed 12:30 PM & 1:30 PM Open Pole Dance & Loop Choreo , Murrieta or mobile for San Diego County

- Bi-weekly Friday group open Pole Dance Party at 6:45 PM  , see schedule for details 

- CONTACT FOR BOOKING 951-723-1876 (no text, no soliciating please) 

Go-Go Dance Arts Revue Bio:

Go-Go Dance Arts was founded in 2016, we started by doing monthly shows is San Diego and Riverside passion for dance has always been strong since young age, and performing again was a blessing that I would like to share and grow with Go-Go Dance Arts Training and Performance Revue students, professionals and clients.

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Our dance parties and shows are super fun, and an unforgettable experience!

Plus, dancers are great addition to parties and even a great surprise for that special someone and guests!

Looking forward meeting you, contact us and let's dance!

Mobile services for Riverside, San Bernardino & San Diego Counties


 booking please contact us